Urbanears Kransen Unboxing and Review


Urbanears came up with another in-the-ear earphones that promises to be a good mix of performance and function that has style!


One new feature of these buds is that it has a “cableloop” tangle free system that works similarly to the ones that the coloud pop and Knock sets have.


Typical urbanears packaging, very minimalist and “eco” friendly

You can see the earphones and the jack with the “cableloop” and a box containing a pair of small and large ear sleeve.


the complementary stickers and a booklet showcasing the other models of urbanearsIMG_0285the whole unit shown is actually colored dark grey (the unit color matching with the box)

I have been using it for about 2 months now and all I can say is that they offer warm midtones and a punchy but not so heavy bass. These are good for workouts and physical activities. I personally use it during my running sessions as they don’t hurt my ears after prolonged use and the design doesn’t fall of my ears.

As an added bonus it works well particularly with cellphones given its mic and function button located at the middle of the left earbud wire. Since half of the cable ( from the jack to the Y joint) is covered with fabric which helps in the tangle free motto of this line.

Overall with a price of less than $50 it’s more than worth it!